“N” is a magazine issued by Nachmann Rechtsanwälte that gives readers some insight into activities at our law office aside from the legal work we do. It is both entertaining and informative, focussing on interesting topics that range from art, culture and science to politics and business. The magazine was originally conceived by Tyler Brûlé, the inventor of “Wallpaper” magazine. Issues N1 to N5 were designed by Mirko Borsche and issues N6 and N7 has been designed by Janis Birznieks. The journalistic aspects of the magazine bear the hallmark of former TV presenter Andreas Lukoschik.


Andreas Lukoschik, a certified psychologist, became famous nationwide with his talk-show "Leos Magazin”, which ran on German public TV-channel ARD. Since 1998 he has been managing the Swiss Amadeus AG, an international cultural engineering and marketing agency. It was exclusively for the "N“ magazine that the "Grimme” laureate returned to his journalistic roots.


Mirko Borsche formerly was art director at the "Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin” and became visual leader of the year 2007. Currently he is Director of Creative Design for the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” including “Zeit Magazin”. Mr Borsche, well-known for his simple but innovative style, in collaboration with David Henne from his graphic design agency – Bureau Mirko Borsche – has created the "N“ magazine by combining a strictly graphical layout with extraordinary illustrations and photographs.